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Monthly Content Package

Posting daily on social media is essential to engage your audience and keep them informed. It fosters a strong connection, builds anticipation, and increases visibility.

Engage with your clients

Consistency in video content keeps your audience engaged and returning for more, fostering a loyal community. The compelling content I create will position your brand as an industry authority, attracting more leads and conversions.

How does the Monthly Content Package work?

  • Your business will receive four high-quality and engaging videos to post each week.  


  • Your marketing team has control over the topic of the videos (if preferred). ​​


  • A total of 16 videos will be created every month for your business.

  • Can you watermark my videos?
    Of course, I can add a watermark logo at the bottom of each video.
  • What about Illustrations?
    I can replace a video for an illustration if you would like a mix of videos and Illustrations for your weekly content.
  • How does filming work?
    Your business follows a filming schedule, where all the necessary video content for the upcoming week is shot on the same day. This practice optimizes resources and minimizes disruptions. Filming day will be the same each week.
  • Do I need vertical or horizontal videos?
    Both Horizontal and Vertical videos follow the traditional "TV" aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen. The main difference is that Horizontal videos are filmed with a "TV" screen in mind, while Vertical videos are filmed to follow the natural holding position of cellphones. If your content is targeting the 3 big companies of social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) a vertical aspect ratio will make more sense. The main benefit of filming exclusively in vertical mode is a much higher vertically quality video and focused content ( no cuts on each side of the video). A couple of years ago, people used to film Horizontal and cut the sides of the video leaving just the center, this made the video resolution drop drastically and cut out content that was meant to be part of the video. Short answer: If you want your content to be played on Youtube or a TV, horizontally is the way to go. If you main target is Instagram, Facebook, and/or TikTok, filming vertical will create a higher quality and engaging video. Can you do both? It is not possible for me to do both without losing video quality. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me directly to help you find a solution.
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